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We know that there are many blogs that speak of where tapas in Seville, but from the team of Hotel Murillo we want our customers to have what we believe are the best tapas places for Sevillians.

We are going to review mythical places of tapas in Seville and newer places, but where you will always find a Sevillian tapas and the best, near the tourist area and of course our establishments.

Remember that for tapas there is no need to sit at the table, you can tapas standing in the bar of the room or even as you can see in our list in the bar windows or on the sidewalk in front.

To make it easier for you we will link each proposal to Google maps so you can locate it without problem. What do you think? We start! :)

Las Teresas , (Barrio Santa Cruz). It is two minutes walk from Hotel Murillo. It is one of those places of stately Sevillian descent. You'll find cold cuts, tapas and rations in a typical bar with hanging hams, painted tiles, bullfighting photos and a terrace. And do not think that being in the middle of the Santa Cruz neighborhood you will not find Sevillians of all life taking their beer there with a tapa of ham.

Bodeguita Romero , traditional tapas tavern with a small terrace outside for tapas. Known for its pringá and cheekbones montaditos. It is located between Plaza Nueva and Barrio del Arenal.

La Azotea , local with minimalist decoration and Mediterranean cuisine open all day. You must not miss it! If you like your style, but want to sit comfortably to eat, have a restaurant in the Barrio Santa Cruz, very close to our Hotel Murillo and Apartamentos Cruces and Apartamentos Murillo.

Casa Ricardo , if you go through the Alameda or San Lorenzo area, you should not miss Casa Ricardo. It is a traditional Castilian place of brotherhood, with classic tapas and innovative. Do not forget to try their famous croquettes.

El Rinconcillo , sec 1670, classic local tapas furnished with barrels instead of tables and restaurant on the first floor.

El Caserio , tapas bar very close to the Plaza del Salvador, there is normal to find people living in the Center of Seville eating homemade casseroles or their famous fried potatoes with egg and ham. Keep in mind that it only opens at noon and weekend nights.

The Swallows (Triana). In a small street of Triana, almost pedestrian, you will find this typical tavern, decorated with Sevillian tiles. Here you can have tapas in your bar or in the same window or take portions in the typical tables and chairs sevillanas de enea. Do not forget to try their mushrooms with ali-oli or their sirloin tips.

Blanca Paloma (Triana), bar and restaurant, whether you want to get your tapas on the bar or on the small tables or if you prefer to sit at the table in your restaurant, you can enjoy their fried aubergines, the rice that they take out every noon from 2 pm or your cheek. As they define tapas with a creative touch.

Alboroque very close to Las Golondrinas and Blanca Paloma is El Alboroque, perhaps less known than the previous ones, but of equal quality and service. You will find typical Sevillian tapas with an avant-garde touch. Do not miss their aubergines with honey, or their cheeky sweet rice.

Well, we hope that this small glossary of great tapas bars in Seville will serve you on your trip to Seville.
Looking forward to seeing you here!


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